The Caterer Hates You

I was just leaving the studio when my phone rang.

Without waiting for any kind of greeting or salutation, the familiar voice blurted out, "I’m in the area. What do you have that is new?"

Amazed at his timing and delighted he called, I replied, "Pupu Plates."

With my first run of individual party plates still hot and resting in the kiln, I wondered what one of my favorite collectors was up to and would he like what he saw. I didn’t have to wait long. Within minutes I was greeted with a boisterous "Aloha" and equally exuberant hug more than making up for the phone call.

Then true to his nature, Chuck impatiently asked, "Well, where are they?!?"

I had him follow me to the big shiny kiln and had him step back as I lifted the lid.

The wave of escaping heat caught him by surprise and a quick "wow!" escaped his lips in response.

Once the warmth dissipated a bit, he scanned the kiln and said, "They’re perfect for this weekend. I’ll take 2 of each."

With my artistic insecurities appeased, my brain calculated the timing and we agreed he could pick them up on Friday.

When he came to the studio for the finished artwork, Chuck explained that he had a special celebration planned and that each of the plates was going to be a gift to his attending guests. Seemed like a really cool idea. Since these were so new to the collection, I asked if he could let me know the response to the glass gifts... the artist is always curious even if they pretend to be indifferent.

Monday morning I got the phone call. Again, no greeting. The first thing out of his mouth was, "The caterer hates you!" followed by a genuine belly laugh. I really didn’t know how to respond, so I just sort of stammered a bit. Chuck thought that was funny too. Then he began to tell me the story...

He had invited 8 couples for the party on his lanai and after a celebratory toast he let his guests know they would get to keep whichever plate they picked for their appetizers. Apparently, that is where the party went awry. The plates had been stacked with thick linen napkins between them... the party goers could not see the entire selection in that formation. So, moving the beautiful trays of sushi, edamame, crostini, satay and other delights to nearby chairs they spread the party plates across the table and had a good natured debate over who would get to choose first. Dinner was served late.

The caterer did indeed hate me.

Fortunately, Kauai is a small island and I knew the very talented caterer in question.

I took her a couple plates. I was forgiven.

And that is why the party plates size of glass art is one of my favorites.