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Do you remember coming home from school with a decorated shoebox full of paper valentines?  


Think of our Petite glass collection as the grown-up version...  artsy to look at and amazing to hold in your hands.  Glass is magic like that!


Unlike their somewhat insincere paper counterparts, these tiny works of art will state your genuine affection to anyone you share them with.  Give them all to one special person or spread your affection among your dearest friends... each glass piece is a treasured reminder of what's in your heart.   They are perfect attached to gifts, cards, bags, floral arrangement or placed in unexpected locations... use your imagination.  Of course, you can keep them all yourself!   Who doesn't want a little extra love in their life?!?


This collection comes with hearts surrounded by whirls & swirls, leaves & a vine plus one that seems to be aglow.  The smallest heart is approx. 1.5" x 1.5" and the largest is approx. 2" x 3.5" with a variety of sizes in between.  Since they are handcrafted, each piece will be a touch unique.  And while Petite Panes are small, they catch a lot of light and sparkle when placed near a window or light source.


The set is shipped USPS Priority Mail from Washington State.


About Petite Panes...

We started creating them after we had so many leftover pieces from the bigger glass art.  Since our aim is to keep scrap glass out of our landfills, it made sense to start creating little bits of artwork to match the tiny bits of glass.  The sizes will always be approximate since leftovers are just not uniform in size.  Petite Panes require just as much pre-preparation, over 10 hours of kiln time and sometimes it's a challenge to balance the raw glass on the small artwork just before firing - so there are days when we refer to them as "Petite Pains."   But we love them!   And hope you do too.  Thank you for supporting creative people & green art!

Heart Collection I Petite Pane Set

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