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With an almost endless collection of nature inspired designs, these squares and rectangles of repurposed window glass can fit in almost anywhere... a window, a porch, a mirror, even a tree. Our glass has a unique way of handling light and the most popular way of seeing it is through our Light Catchers. The glass is handcut to fit the original artwork, balanced on the handmade mold and then kiln fired for at least 9 hours. To finish the piece, it is hand drilled, secured to a silver swirl hook and then gift boxed.


Originating in Central Asia, the Elm spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere and is now even found across the Equator.  Like Oak, the wood is dense and desirable with a resistance to splitting and ability to bend.  Japanese Taiko drums, ships keels, chariots and long bows have been some of the uses.  Also treasured for their beauty, Elm trees were planted as ornamental trees in many historic parks and city boulevards through the centuries.  While the older species fell susceptible to disease and insects, new hybrids have been developed to stand up to the threat and repopulate lost forest groves. 


PLEASE NOTE: Each artwork creation will be unique - not an exact duplication of the piece pictured here since they are crafted by hand in window glass using similar sized art. The level of beauty, attention to detail, and the pleasure of how our glass feels in your hands will be the same. If you'd like to see the exact pieces we have in stock before purchasing, we're happy to provide photos at your request.

Elm Leaf Light Catcher

  • 2.5 inches x 4 inches

  • On Display: To keep your art piece glistening and sparkly on display, use a soft towel lightly dampened with 70% isopropyl alcohol to wipe clean.

    An Important Note About Thermal Shock: Avoid drastic changes in temperature as thermal shock can damage or even break your art piece.

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