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Puget Sound at Sunset taken by Tiffany Downing

About Me

Glass Artist Donna Taylor Mayo preparing glass

I'm Donna Taylor Mayo

I have enjoyed a career as a graphic designer for a really really long time. You know those cave paintings in Altamira, Spain? They may be some of my early work. It’s been awhile... I’m not sure.

Mermaid Glass Art by Artist Donna Taylor Mayo

As for many others, the economic downturn of 2008 caused me to ponder new career options. Perhaps not the best timing for a new business, but artists are rarely accused of being overly practical.

In my various client assignments, community projects, and personal artistic outbursts over the years, I have had the opportunity to dabble in pen & ink, photography, calligraphy, watercolor, jewelry, and sculpture. Kiln formed glass captured my imagination and drove my desire to bring something fresh to glass lovers.

I initially began with colored glass, but at the time I was living in Hawaii and the frustration of so much glass arriving broken left me rethinking my artistic direction. It was the persistent nudge from a fellow artist in addition to the local island mantra of "use what got" that convinced me to attempt working with window glass scraps. They were on their way to the garbage anyway, so why not?

Octopus Glass Art Plate by Artist Donna Taylor Mayo
Honey Bee Glass Art by Artist Donna Taylor Mayo

It took several months of failed attempts and a pile of glass oddities before my process was nailed down, but the personal conviction of "it has to work!" finally paid off, resulting in a match of repurposed glass and hand carved sculpture.


From the tropical islands of Hawaii to my new home in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, my inspiration comes from the sea life, native flora, garden visitors, and forest finds that I have enjoyed outdoors. Some of my art is taken directly from natural discoveries, while other pieces bare a more contemporary symbolic style as a nod to my graphic design background.

My studio is dedicated to Earth Friendly operation by using repurposed materials and more energy efficient kiln firing.

Seahorse Glass Art Plates by Artist Donna Taylor Mayo
Leaf Glass Art by Artist Donna Taylor Mayo

Naturally, I hope you fall in love with my art and purchase a piece or two for your collection. But just as importantly, I encourage you to try new things and explore your skills. Don’t wait for the next recession or for your friends to pester you!


Step into what you were blessed with!

Donna  Taylor Mayo

Bamboo Glass Light Catcher by Artist Donna Taylor Mayo

About the "We, Me, I, Us," 

While I am the creative artist behind the artwork, I am certainly not alone in this venture. I am blessed with a husband geared for mechanical engineering who keeps all my equipment functioning and maintains my studio’s safety. My sister is an endless source of ideas and enthusiastic support. My daughters serve as counselors and coaches to keep me focused and my sons-in-law are brilliant technological gurus. My family and friends cheer me on and keep me well fueled with chai lattes and dark chocolate. What’s that saying… something about a village?

Of Water, Wind & Woods Festival Booth.jpg
Sunflower Glass Art Plate by Artist Donna Taylor Mayo
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